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1. Talk about a piece of $hit. The “artist” Walter Scrugg, did this master piece with such a articulated finesse. Not only did he seem annoyed right off the back, but when we asked for simple colors to be added to the piece he gave us attitude

2. The tattoo was great the people’s at the shop was great as well very professional very helpful… The tattoo was for my 17 year old some looks great thank you guys so much

3. This place is simply awesome. My wife has gotten a tattoo and several piercings done here. I have gotten 2 piercings done here and Sara is simply the best. She is the only one I’ll go too. The employees here are great and friendly. If you

4. Love this place! Already have another appointment made, Brad u have a beautiful talent and I’m blessed to get to show it off!

5. I definitely recommend Brad!

I’ve had a lot of experience with tattoo artists that either don’t care or are

6. Josh was great! Thank you so much! I’ll be back to see you soon to finish my arm! ☺️

7. Sara is PHENOMENAL! I gave her some crazy ideas combining elements of multiple different pictures and her design turned out even better than I could have imagined. The quality of her work is incomparable. She’s absolutely worth the drive from Lexington! All the staff and others there were extremely friendly and helpful.

8. Very reasonably priced I am a black woman and didn’t know I could get such vibrant colors! I would highly recommend Brad Cheatham for any work
Service: Tattoos

9. They are awesome! Very helpful as well! I’ll definitely go back soon for a tattoo or piercing

10. They offer snake eyes (tongue piercing) which is extremely dangerous but they don’t offer venom (double tongue horizontal piercings) which is done many times by other reputable shops. They could be decent for tattoos but I wouldn’t trust their piercing knowledge