California Barber Shop

Recent Comments California Barber Shop:

1: Upon arrival nobody greeted me Or told me about the seating in the back. The Place was overcrowded even with Covid signs being posted on limitations . I waited outside for 50 minutes before noticing they were still servicing the same clients as when I got there. Huge waste of time but I chose to not make it my money.

2: My son is really extremely picky we don’t trust any other place for a haircut just California Barber Shop. I come here many years ago and my son got his first haircut before he was 1 year old at this time my son is 6 years old and he likes to come here.

3: My brothers and my dad have been going to this place ever since i can remember …now im taking my own son ….never been dissapointed

4: Dark always brings his A-Game when cutting my hair , always cuts it nice and clean. everyone at the barber shop are nice and respectful people. i really recommend coming here.

5: One guy left to go smoke a bunt and the fat guy sucks.. He should of been paying more attention to doing his job than talking to his buddy who doesn’t even work there about sex. It pretty much hurted the who time he put the razor to my head.. Kevin I think is probably the best one there.