Cache Latino Barbershop

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1. Horrible experience! Took my kids to get cuts no one wanted to cut hair. 2 barbers were sitting in their phones for over an hour.To top it off the butchered my sons hair and had to go to another shop to get it fixed as much as possible this place has really gone down hill.

2. Critical: Professionalism
NOT FOR BLACK MEN. I sat for 30 mins and nobody took me. I came in at 6 And waited for 45 minutes, 2 barbers got done cutting hair and started cleaning and like they were going home. Maybe it’s because I was black the only black man in there in a Latino Barbershop. I will never go here again 2nd and LAST TIME

3. Worse experience ever I will never come back to this place .I had to tell the barber 3 times to fix the cut and how uneven it was .Then to top it off he did my hairline crooked.worse barber shop in central Florida don’t waste your time this

4. Walk-ins welcome, quick and at a good price. Flaco is my Barber.

5. Been coming here for 8yrs, great service, specially from my barber Galitin!

6. Quick and easy place offering full service and experienced barbers. Convenient location with plenty of parking and restaurants nearby for an easy meal. I highly recommend this barber shop because all of the barbers give top of the line haircuts. Every time I go for my son haircut, I go confidently and trusting that the barber,.

7. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
Waited for almost 2 hours to get a haircut, after being consistently told we were next. Never again….
Service: Haircut

8. A while back I went there and I had a rude and unprofessional barber named Jay. He did not do the greatest job cutting my hair and left a temporary mark on the back of my neck and it burned. He also gave me the impression that he likes to

9. Went for the second time, same great customer service quick and nice. Shout out to my barber Flaco.
I travel 31 mins. for a haircut, pass by 11 nearby shops.

10. This place isn’t a barbershop it’s a waist of your time going on 1 hour and some change. I miss my old barbershop.
Service: Haircut