C & P Beauty Supply

Recent Comments C & P Beauty Supply:

1. Don’t buy your wigs from here. They fall apart from the stitching before worn. They will only tell you oh well. Definitely Don shop here

2. I don’t really shop there a lot because they cost more than TJ beauty supply but always have what I need.

3. Love going here! Always greeted when coming in & staff is very helpful

4. Tina TomTim Andrew mom and dad are really good people they were the first beauty supply store in Memphis Tennessee. And they’ve always had the best prices . And they’ve always treated blacks fairly… They should have opened a Cordova store

5. They always have what I need. Friend in the front is always nice. Been going for years

6. I’ve shopped at C&P since I was 16 and they were located in Lamar Shopping Center. I’m now 53 and still find the best hair in any beauty supply store in Memphis there. I just wanted a wig that was fun and inexpensive for a event.


8. I love this store, owners are very helpful and nice

9. Have all your needs & wants!! Great StoRe to Shop!!! Friendly People * Definitely get ah 💯 from me!! P.S. Been around ah long time since the 90’s I know of, probably longer??!

10. This is my favorite beauty supply store. They open early and have everything you need.