C & P Beauty Supply

Recent Comments C & P Beauty Supply:

1. I love this store. The workers are so nice and cordial and don’t mind helping you. This store is VERY VERY clean and organized. Thanks.

2. Has a big wig collection along side of a good collection of lashes to clothes. Not the cheapest in the area but worth the money spent

3. I’m always in there wave brushes to afro picks,wave caps trimmers and the fam. Good environment too and if you have any questions they have no problem showing you what your looking for.

4. This is my favorite favorite beauty supply store! I don’t shop nowhere else but here! I can tell you that when they first open, I never went anywhere else! Why? Is because they are great people & great management. They keep the store fully

5. Clean, neat, and great customer service here. I found my whole line of favorite regular hair products here. Probably would not find them anywhere else. I was a kid in a candy store. I definitely recommend and will be back to shop here for my hair care needs.

6. I absolutely love this store! It’s so organized and easy to shop in. Kind of amazing for how much stuff is in there to choose from, they have really good prices on and the outfits are always on point here. Love love love this store so glad they are in whitehaven ❤️

7. The store was clean and organized. The owner was kind. The only thing is that many people wouldn’t see it off the street driving by because it’s in he cut. Other than that, ♥️♥️♥️

8. My favorite Beauty Supply store. The young lady that always help me is so friendly. She is awesome.

9. Very rude. And not affordable. Chu chu and the guy that works there are not helpful and don’t have any knowledge of what products will be useful. They only want to sell the highest product and o make money. It’s 3 more in the area. The ones by churches and red hook are better the ones by churches is more affordable and very helpful

10. They watch you as if you’re going to steal something!!!! Absolute ignorance! They can’t see we are the people who pay their mortgages, rent, utilities, piano lessons, karate lessons, Juilliard tuitions grocery bills!!!! Just total IGNORANCE FOR THE REGARD OF the human HUMAN ANONOTY!!!!! THEY FORGET THEIR HUMAN TOO.