C.F. Penn Hamburgers

Recent Comments C.F. Penn Hamburgers:
  1. Amazing and affordable. The people working behind the counter were extremely kind. Great place.
  2. Although they have moved, still the same burgers with some other stuff. My dad used to take me to the original place when I was 6. I ate there until I moved away at 18. I’m 72 now. Whenever I’m in Decatur, Penn’s is a must stop. Barbeque only available in Decatur and C F Penn’s burgers. Oh my.
  3. Nastiest burger I have ever had in my life. Not a traditional hamburger evidently so if you want a moist fried piece of something on a bun with mustard and onion this is your place.
  4. Always love going here for burgers and fried. Miss old location but new one is also great. Service was also awesome.
  5. Burger is not for me. But I loved the atmosphere and the staff is friendly. I call it a love it or hate it. Keep on doing you, C.F. Penn