Buvette DreiRosen

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1: This Buvette might be a bit smaller than the other, but nevertheless it is more relaxing in general. Of course, on a summer day there will always be a lot of people, but it is not annoying due to the relaxed feeling. Prices are reasonable and fair and the staff is friendly. my recommendation: white wine and some olives during evening! Full chill effect.

2: My favorite Buvette in Basel, on the end furthest from Mittlerebrücke so generally quieter and more relaxed than the others. Views are good as the sun goes down, the prices are good and the staff are friendly.

3: Great Buvette with good beer served in real glasses.

4: Super friendly and nice service but Swiss prices are not so good.

5: Good vibes in Basel.. Take a swim to the buvette and have a drink.