Boston Fish Supreme

Recent Comments Boston Fish Supreme :

1 : This was the worst experience of my life I spent $30 on uncooked food my meat was literally pink in the inside I have photos to prove it I never in my life would ever eat there again I ordered a Philly cheese steak and fries my philly was wet and soggy I had six wings to go with the combo and the chicken was undone literally still had blood in the inside I also ordered a fully loaded potato that was not fully loaded I ordered three piece whitening and the fish was not done or the fries was not done I would never in my life ever spent any more money at this location in five points West Fairfield Birmingham

2 : Got a talipia fish meal! It was wonderful, recommended by me to all. Everything was cooked to order and it didn’t take all night. Service was fast and friendly. Keekee Poo drink is the bomb. Will be back SOON

3 : I always get a Philly combo with an extra Philly and a lemonade trying to go regularly so the kno what I want before I pull up but it will take time food is always hot and fresh

4 : I waited on food which did take long with all I ordered.The food was delicious. Great prices. The cashiers were very ple asant. Clean and great atmosphere. It was just nice to get good food, good talk, and food on time. I had ordered 2 philly steaks plates, gizzards, cat fish sandwich. DELICIOUS

5 : This was my second time trying Boston Fish, my First experience I was very pleased with my food that I ordered for myself & the family! The fish is cooked fresh to order. And the sides was seasoned with satisfaction. My second experience had a little hiccup, (always check your order before leaving, no matter how busy the drive thru line is) I was given the wrong order, and didn’t realize it until I got home. But, don’t fear! I just called back & spoke to the manager who by the way was very nice & pleasant. I was told to take a picture of the meal and come back with my receipt to get my correct order.(I carry the meal back to them as good Faith) They cooked my order as if I was a Queen for the day! Thanks Boston Fish Supreme!