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1. Consistently find most of what I am looking for. Never felt as if I was being discriminated against or treated less than. Can’t say that for some other places. Enjoy the shopping experience.

2. Stipped by to pick up a few items. The place has a plethora of beauty supplies.

3. Today’s experience was OK. Not congested but the cashier showed little interest. He texted most of the time I was there. One was about information about a head wrap pricing. A bit nonchalant most of the time. There is so much merchandise that it can be a bit overwhelming.

4. I only trust here for all supplies I need. They have best hair quality, amazing ownership and are truly a
Great place to shop. Whether it’s loungewear, club wear, lashes, earrings or hair—-they gotcha!!!

5. I went there looking for something specific, the owner and her assistant were really helpful and nice. I would reccomend this place.

6. Just not a good experience anytime I’ve went here unless the guy Kevin is working but the lady I think that may be one of the owners is just not nice and and I won’t be returning to this location because of her customer service and majority of the items are overpriced its ridiculous!

7. They’re disappointed advertised on the radio that they had a big sale get in there they have two boxes buy one get one free and claimed that the rest were gone then get on the shelf and there are plenty of crochets at regular price drove over an hour to get here

8. Ridiculous I never feel more humiliated in my life , the lady treated us like tiffs, like I have the necessary of still anything in my life . Very disorganized not a good place to spend my money never again

9. Best hair store in town. I say this because the variety and SERVICE! No matter whose behind the counter, they’re always generous and go beyond when helping. They have also done some remodeling. They have a huge section of clothes.

10. Nail supplies are 👎 but clothing and accessories make up for it