Boom Boom Beauty Supply Anderson #1

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1. EXTREMELY over priced. They only sell you the wigs on the mannequin, which is nasty bc a million people come in and run there fingers they the hair. The Asian guy swear everybody gonna steal he watches you with no remorse. It’s very

2. I don’t like the fact that they only sale the wigs on display and not fresh wigs that are packaged
like other stores do. Nobody wants a messy or handled wig.

3. This is a girl’s playground they have weaved they have nose rings and earrings that have perms that have jail has anything you possibly made to rejuvenate your look trashy to classy real quick

4. Over priced and the white guy is very rude. I’ll take my money somewhere. He is supposed to be helping me but is rushing me Bec he “has other ppl to help” but no one was asking for help in the store but me. And he was eating

5. Much better quality In how hair feels than other beauty products store I love it

6. Great price for everything you need for your hair

7. I usually shop at beauty supply store that’s closest to home. I ran in to grab something and it wasn’t too busy. I asked the owner for help and he snapped at me…for no reason. He is usually rude and I don’t understand why. I know he has

8. I just recently went in to look for a wig for a birthday party. I asked for the type of wig and the guy said back wall ma’am. I seen the one I prefer so I was stand waiting for assistance. So I took the mannequin to the front register and

9. Since I “Had to” Have chemotherapy for my Triple Negative Breast Cancer & Lost ALL of my hair,
(on 20th time now after taking Taxol,in which I was also Allergic to.)

10. Ever all over the place and it smells horrible I couldn’t finish shopping