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  1. Loved the nail tech, They did am amazing Job and I’m going back today! These nails have lasted about 2 weeks. They could probably go 2 more weeks to be honest : ) 10/10 would recommen
  2. I love the nail design! The only cons I had was my jewels fell off and a few nails broke after a day but may have been because I asked for them to be thinner. The pro was that they fixed it for me mot once but twice without charge.
  3. This shop was recommended to me by a friend and I am so thankful! Everyone is so friendly and professional. Hanna Luu has over thirty years of experience and it shows! If you are ever unsure she has many tricks up her sleeve! Last time she did a moving cats eye, it’s truly remarkable! Pictures do not do it justice!
  4. Cindy is fabulous with nails and Nancy is amazing at pedicures! Was outside and safe! Very clean place.
  5. I love this nail salon & know Cindy for over 15 years or more. They are very friendly, fast, & do quality nails. I highly recommend them!