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1. Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
The worse!! I wish Tom was still there because you could tell he liked what he did it came out in your finish product. But the other people in their only want you money get you in get you out! I went to get my nail replaced since it cracked

2. Quick, clean and professional. Tammy never disappoints and is very friendly!

Update: Tammy is no longer available so I don’t have a set nail technician, but my nails are still done to my satisfaction every time.

3. Bella was my nail tech, she was in a rush and wanted to get me out of there fast. My nails were messed up, I had bubbles, dust particles on my undried nails, then she ripped a part of my skin and started to bleed. She noticed how bad my nails were but didn’t want to say anything about it. Waste of $100, not coming back again.

4. Critical: Value
I have been using this salon because it was very convenient to my home – receiving services for about a year now. I have even referred a couple of others. The quality of the service is great; however, the customer service needs work.

5. They did a great job on my nails even perfected the look I have then from a Pinterest picture

6. Service rushed the last couple times I was there this time I had several fingers cut from the drill horrible service! Highly disappointed this is definitely a safety concern. How many other ppl got cut with with the same tool.

7. I found this place just by putting in nail salon near me in the Google search engine and I am so happy I did! Every person in there is amazing 🤩. I love that you’re greeted as soon as you come in. If you have to wait, someone is still

8. Loved my nails. First time going was for my birthday and I loved my nails!!!

9. Customer service is trash. Everyone in there is in a rush and it shows. They will half way do ur nails if u let them. Most dont even clean ur cuticles. I have been a few times and im never satisfied with my nails. When u try to get them to

10. This would be my 2nd time coming, and Ken does an excellent job in my nails, and Milla does a great job on my Toes. Everyone is very pleasant, and the environment is very calming and Nice. Highly Recommend
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