Biscuit King’s Cafe

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1 : The best biscuit in town. Great idea for truckers. They can grab a biscuit and all their breakfast is inside the biscuit. Yes “inside” the biscuit. Bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, etc is wrapped inside the biscuit. Mine was “3.49” but I was given a military discount. Unfortunately, this is the only location for Biscuit King. They should open another store on I-10, one in Foley, and one in Gulf Shores. Everyone should experience these ultimate biscuits. Pierce, the staff person on duty, was very nice to everyone.

2 : It’s kinda out in the middle of nowhere. Has the feeling a small town place where folks are friendly and know one another. Fantastic! We went with the intentions of getting a biscuit, however, we both ended up with lunch. The wifey got the country fried steak that was the daily special. I opted for the Ugly Burger and onion rings. The country fried steak was good! Not too greasy and had the gravy had good flavor. The burger far exceeded any expectations I had! I was blown away! The patty seemed to be homemade, the bun toasted, and the toppings fresh and robust. I am a burger fanatic and think this was one of the better burgers on the Eastern Shore- maybe one of the best! When they brought out our food- they also brought us each a piece of lemon curd cake. Y’all- this cake was absolutely delicious!!!!! Go there. It’s good. We are definitely going back!

3 : This is most definitely the RIGHT place to eat! All American, all Southern, all keeping it great. The food is PHENOMENAL! The staff are absolutely amazing and fun to be around. Great environment. Very clean. Plenty of space for parking. I can’t express enough how much I loved this place. To the point that my wife and I are now considering moving out here, instead of closer to Gulf Shores as we planned. Thank you so much!

4 : 2nd time here, nice atmosphere, foods great, you order, you wait, food is made to order, no heat lamps . We had biscuits n sausage gravy with fried eggs on top. Their lunch offerings are very tempting too, I will be going back. Very busy place!

5 : Best biscuits ever and best breakfast I’ve had in years (first visit omelette). Very friendly staff. Just made my second visit, biscuits are still the best ever, country ham breakfast is huge, and the ham is real. Don’t be in a hurry, pace is slow but it’s a very entertaining environment. They only do breakfast and lunch. Well worth the visit. 2022 back again, still best biscuits ever, sorry to see the ‘for sale’ sign, still open and hope whoever buys continues the great tradition.