Big White Wings Restaurant


Recent Comments  Big White Wings Restaurant :

1 : I heard about this place from the radio and because I’m a foodie critic, I had to try it out. The food was great,but it’s the location and small size of the building for me… we had to wait outside for our food. They had no change for my 20$ so I had to drive about 3 miles to the nearest store to get change and there lady in the front taking orders was just rude for no reason to everyone whom was standing in line to order… note of advice*** don’t advertise on the radio if your not prepared for your turn out***

2 : The bulk of the reviews don’t miss! This place is good. Be aware there is limited seating and you need cash or cash app to pay. Would be even more impressed with less styrofoam but that’s par for the course in Coastal Al.

3 : Great veggie fries that they call stupid but I beg to differ lol they are amazing with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots that aren’t mushy!?

4 : Very helpful and friendly people. Food prepared quickly. Great presentation. I’ll be sure to go back and take people that visits me to check them out.

5 : Big White is the MAN! We love this place and they made us feel super welcome. The people are incredible, but y’all the FOOD. Bless my soul. I got the waffle batter wings and I am drooling while I write this review thinking about them. Big White has an amazing story, he built this business from the ground up, and I love how the Lord is blessing it. Get you some Big White Wings!