Recent Comments Beer:30:

1. Not as good of a selection as they advertise. Wine was way overpriced for the area. The competitor was way better on value. Three only positive was it was a very clean store.

2. Tons of Fantastic NEW merchandise, as well as an unbelievable array of Alcohol to choose from. Not to mention the ciggarrette’s and tobacco’s. The staff is great too!! 😉

3. great service friendly staff the only down side is pricing could be better

4. They have great products at great prices. Absolutely would recommend

5. Had exactly what I had went to 4 stores looking for!! Excellent service!!

6. I go here once a week and have for the last 3 years to buy my cigarettes. Out of 3 years there has only been 1 time they didn’t have my brand and that was due to delivery didn’t make it due to covid. I have been helped by everyone that

7. Cashier is rude and snippy
Will also blatantly flirt with your significant other right in front of you. Then whisper about you to them.. Most are friendly and very helpful .. But I have

8. They carry a wide variety of things all decent priced. But the guy with the gauges md tattoos who is always working needs to realize he’s in customer service. His whole demeanor is rude everytime I go in there. I don’t know what his problem is but someone needs to talk to him about the way he handles customers.

9. Great staff!! Awesome environment, especially the new head shop addition!! Tim is an awesome salesman! He will get you to buy things you’ve never tried before!! Ruby is very helpful and knows where to find what you’re looking for!!

10. Always a great visit. It’s my favorite daily stop.