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1. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
RUDE!!!!!!! I called here asking for pricing and availability on a rare color of braiding hair. Between the husband sucking his teeth, cutting me off to speak over me and the wife arguing with me about her husbands UNACCEPTABLE behavior

2. Critical: Professionalism, Quality
I would never shop here again because the lady was stalking my mother and I when we were looking for hair products at the store. This was my first time in the store. I will NEVER recommend this shop to anyone! Go somewhere else where you won’t get stalked!

3. I love beauty for me. I go here for all of my hair and products. They have a large variety of products. I enjoy them all. I mean the store is humongous and the staff is so nice. Don’t mistake them being busy for being rude. Go there for great hair weaves,wigs,dyes, and more!!!

4. I appreciate having the opportunity to voice my experience, so that others will NOT come behind me and have to feel any of what I felt today. One would think that being that they have a son and a daughter that is a part of the millennial

5. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I have always been treated well here. Employee’s have treated me well and are helpful. I feel they give honest opinions when asked and they are friendly. I am not in often but sometimes I am remembered. I will be in as soon as they open back up from being forced to shut down from COVID 19 outbreak. Hopefully soon.

6. I will never spend another cent in that store. I bought some hair, .my daughter didn’t like. Tried to exchange for something different. The lady said it was final because it was on sale. Although the hair said that no where. I brought that

7. These people are just plain rude. They barely crack their mouth open to speak and constantly watch customers. Not ALL people are thieves. If they feel that way then why open a store? They do not care nor respect black people! I bought some

8. Let me begin my saying they have a wide variety of product selection which I can only assume is the ONLY reason they are still in business. Let me also state that I honor the privilege to be able to write reviews for potential customers

9. Worst customer service ever. Been here 3x and the same experience each time. Only reason I went that often is because it is right next to my house and when I’m in a rush or need something last minute I went here.They have a $10 min on a

10. I always go to this store and buy things to do both me and my two little girls hair and i always spend $150.00 or more per visit. Recently i purchased some hair that the store manager recommended and upon reading reviews i found out it was