Beans & Barley

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1:Not bad! I had avo on toast. The dried parsley and chilli was a weird thing to put on it (expected fresh). Also I dont get why people spread the avocado on your toast for you. You end up with super soggy toast. Especially if you put the egg on too. It was a shame – couldn’t eat most of the bread. Also my poached eggs were overdone. The turkish coffee wasn’t what I’m used to… It was 2/3 coffee grains and served with a shot of cold water (instead of hot). The staff were quite nice but difficult to communicate with. It had a front room kind of vibe.

2:Shakshuka was good. My partner has celiac disease though, and when we explained this to the waitress taking the order we were told there was gluten free bread (we had initially said we could go without bread). It came out and looked exactly like the regular bread… we checked again with another waitress and she also assured us it would be gluten free. It definitely wasn’t as he suffered a reaction soon after we left. Disappointing this wasn’t taken seriously :/

3:Very lovely place, delicious food and smily, professional staff. What can I ask more ! Also defo their cocktails, best in harringay 😍 Absolutely recommend!!

4:Better then average breakfast. The Mediterranean was good, but the tomatoes and chilli omelette was disappointingly poor in that the tomatoes were not chosen for an omelette – unripe tomatoes aren’t for omelettes!! It was also supposed to have an Indian twist to it, but non existent. The coffee was good and well rounded. If I could take half a star away for the cigarette smoke finding is way in from their “outdoor”seating area, I would.

5:The food is really good and it’s almost cheap for the quality and quantity of the portions you get! The ambience is very pretty too, perfect to study or hang out for a catch up. Also, a little side note, but i loved every single song that was in the playlists!! Truly made my experience even better!! Whoever plays the music does a great job