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  1. Great barber shop. Medium skin fade with a number two on the top.
  2. This Barber shop is absolutely amazing! Great work at a great price!!!
  3. Tony, Teresa, Lisa awesome barbers.. the remaining crew is awesome as well..
  4. Your barber did an excellent job! I thanked Leo for assisting me in changing my appearance. I like him because he was so inventive and fast at completing the job. When it comes to this kind of job, I can guarantee that he is a fantastic guy. Thank you incredibly much! Five stars with you, gentlemen! All should visit this barbershop!
  5. This is a great barber shop. Convenient location on Midway Drive. Staff is friendly, professional, and all do a great job. I ask for Theresa or her sister Lisa.. equally qualified, and can make for a fun atmosphere. Note: Cash only, no appointments. There is an ATM close by..