Barber Shed

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1: Mark took the humanitarian atrocity that was my balding bonce and actually made it look comparatively utopian. Cool guy too and the ‘shed’ has a nice vibe. Slightly more expensive than I’m used to paying but not by a lot and it’s worth it to feel like a human again. Can’t wait to grow my hair back so I can return. Thanks Mark 👍

2: All shuttered up. Google advised open. I did ring first but it just rang and rang. Thought they k light have been too busy to answer but alas not.

3: Excellent service, i can’t reconmend the Barber shed enough. My 8year old son loved his hair cut.

4: Had the beard shaped here yesterday first time using the barber shed. Very happy with the service and banter. Unique little place this it’ll be my regular despite living a couple of miles away. Highly recommended!

5: My son loved getting his hair done here. Timmo made a massive effort with him, talking about gaming and music etc. The price for a haircut is £8 which is very reasonable for the quality of service and time spent on cutting /styling. The shop is super quirky which we both loved. Highly recommend.