Aztec Ink Tattoos

Recent Comments Aztec Ink Tattoos:

1: Great friendly Staff. The environment is clean and adequate. Would defiently recomend.

2: They do not have jewelry big enough for piercings to heal. My lip is very badly swollen and bruised, and this is usually not how it goes.

3: the artists are so kind and respectful, I got a tattoo done and he talked to me the entire time and it was painless and beautiful lettering. I came in for a pricing and had them scale it out and everything and they weren’t even annoyed when I didn’t get it done that day. will be returning for more work done (:

4: Great experience. All the guys are really cool. And yeah they aren’t all uptight and serious. They give you more than just a tat they give you an experience you can remember that’s on top of the fact that they are insanely skilled artists.

5: I called them to make an appointment. The lady who answered told me to come by 7pm because they close at 9pm. I get there, at the time she told me, and she says they’re not taking anyone else for the night because it’s slow and she’s sending all the artists home….. Not to mention I live an hour away. Very unprofessional.