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1. I am so frustrated with yesterday’s experience. I went in for a pedicure and black French tip toe nails (with a white sparkle on the rest of the nail). I showed her a picture of what I wanted right away and explained, then again before she

2. Went in for a pedicure today. I asked for their cheapest pedi and it was $50!!! To start off the water was cold. I asked for it to be dumped and for it to be warmer but she just topped it off with warm water. Second, after she clipped my

3. Do not go here. I had sns or dip nails done and they are wrecked. He didn’t trim the cuticles, level out the length, the edges are jagged, top coat peeled off in two days and they are bumpy. I will never return.
Service: Manicures

4. $20 for this. I did not have any hang nails before I walked in. Also poked to bleed (thumb).

5. Critical: Professionalism
Thought I would take my lunch and get a pedicure and treat myself this afternoon and the guy showed me my options and i picked the “basic” $45 one they had also the cheapest one they had and they man i had was very aggressive throughout my

6. Critical: Professionalism, Quality
I will NEVER go back again. Very rude and disrespectful. Didn’t even do the design I had wanted & even showed him a picture( Very simple design of a flower all white nails). After my nails, the old guy had asked if I wasn’t my toe nails

7. Positive: Punctuality, Quality
Both my friend and I got pedicures and the woman and man that did our pedicures were extremely nice. Our pedicures were well worth the money and they took the time and effort on our nails. Please consider this salon for your next pedicure- will be coming again.
Service: Pedicures

8. Wanted a simple French nail design with multiple colors like the trends, but the guy that did it didn’t even cover the full tip and you could see through the fake nail. Looks so cheap and ugly. I asked for him to fill the whole tip and he

9. Critical: Quality
I’m actually really disappointed because I have gone to them throughout the years – when I showed up last Saturday I was not greeted and then when I was finally spoken to I was treated horrible like I wasn’t wanted there – he didn’t do my

10. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Cut my toe and on my other foot rubbed so hard with nail file on top of my toe it burned. Used way too much lotion. Just felt like there were going thru the motions. Cost a lot more than what the sign said. Polish didn’t look very good, is dull and sticky.
Service: Pedicures