Art Barber Shop

Recent Comments Art Barber Shop:

1: Extremely professional. I moved to Texas six months ago. Whenever I’m back in town, I make sure I stop by here for a haircut. I haven’t found anyone else that can replicate their service and skill.

2: I’ve been coming here every 2 weeks for 4 years now. I’m no longer in Orange County but I still get may haircuts here. I’ve tried every barber in the shop and they’re all good at what they do. I Highly recommend them.

3: I’ve been around and this place is the best hands down. You might have a little difficulty if you’re non-korean but haircut is top notch. They old school barbers. I’ve been here 3 times and average wait has been 25 min and haircut is about 20 min.

4: My friend got a haircut here. He got a short mohawk fade and the barber did a really good job. He even finished the job with a straight razor which I dont see much of nowadays. Just to let you know they might take $5 to when you checkout so you might want to check your receipt before you give them tip, if you so wish.

5: Men’s barbershop. The only place my 3 year old son will sit still for haircut. I think it’s because he feels like a “big boy”.