Antoni & Luca Men’s Barbering

Recent Comments Antoni & Luca Men’s Barbering:

1: Been living in the area for 6 months now, I’ve tried a number of barber shops and until today I hadn’t had a single decent haircut. So glad I found this place, reasonable prices, friendly staff, nice interior and above all just a really good haircut. New long term customer, cheers.

2: The staff are very friendly and talented, I’m always happy with the cut. Appointments aren’t necessarily required, and I’m never kept waiting long without one. They offer a loyalty scheme to get a free product after 5 cuts (good value really).

3: Great barbers shop traditional shaves offered as well. Well worth the price of shave pure pampering. Had a shave on the morning of a wedding with the groom. Frank the owner had arranged for us to turn up at 8.30am, set us up for the day.

4: Been coming here for years, best Barbers around. Perfect hair every time and a friendly team. Would definitely recommend!

5: Avoid body builder guy, uncivilized and rough handler, below average hair cut, unequal hair length on both sides, owner seems to be nice and caring- that is why given 2 stars, otherwise would have given 0 star, asian hair dressor is fine too