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1. Meech She is absolutely excellent and 100% professional. She took everything out of the package everything was clean, neat professional and orderly. She speaks to her customers and makes them feel comfortable! The shop is dope !!! The vibe

2. All they do is talk and waste time maybe if you move quicker I wouldn’t be standing here all day. You should value your customers and value their time as well. To just keep talking away knowing I’m waiting for a piercing is beyond disrespectful. Other than that great work. Don’t come unless your willing to wait
Service: Piercings

3. Brianna did my piercing. She explained everything so well and made me feel comfortable. I got the industrial piercing. Had it for about 3 months now and i haven’t had one issue.
Service: Piercings

4. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality
I came here almost a few months ago to get my nose piercing, it came out decent but the young lady with black hair pierced my nose too high. I had to go and get it redone by a real professional. My cousin came today to get her nose pierced

5. Great experience getting my nose pierced here. Clean, efficient and reasonably priced. They are obviously very experienced.

6. Critical: Quality
First of all I want to tell everyone do not go there unless you want your piercing to look like this. I got this piercing 5 days ago. I went there today to ask them if it was infected and if I should take it out. First of all the door

7. $20 piercing 🤪 you can’t beat that! Be prepared to wait tho cuz it’s always busy. Guy is quick and efficient.

8. Cool people at that place right there I had them over there laughing real hard I kept saying bye Felicia but I got my ears repast and a great atmosphere great people the owners the husband and wife real good people

9. Critical: Professionalism
I got a dermal from here a while ago an it was fine no complications, I hurt it an it partially came out . I went back because that’s what they said to do an the lady there sent me home saying basically it was illegal to do anything an

10. The best place to get a piercing! Everyone is so nice and friendly. Great atmosphere.
Service: Piercings