Al Masar Lebanese Restaurant

Al Masar Lebanese Restaurant
Al Masar Lebanese Restaurant

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1: First time I went there today, it was great. Very friendly staffs, great service, food portions were good. It’s a bit on the pricey side as all the main dishes do not come with rice or fries so that I would like the owners to look into as most restaurants their main courses come with rice or fries. Also they don’t serve alcohol Alhamdulillah, very rare to find such places nowadays. Overall very good experience

2: The food was ok.. the service was poorly we were sat near a fire exit, it was cold and staff members were using this door to smoke outside. We were ignored by members of staff as they thought taking our order was degrading. The chap with the rolex on was very arrogant! 3 stars for the food only and random charges on the bill. Be wary if the service was good I do not mind paying the extra service charge.

3: Amazing food! We got the dinner for two, to try it all. Everything was fresh and expertly cooked, despite being busy on a Saturday. Bring your own bottle of wine, they provide glasses!

4: We had already booked somewhere further into London and thought this looked great so cancelled. Food was fresh and tasty, the team were very friendly and food was cooked quickly. Great meal, good value especially for London and will quite happily recommend to anyone else staying at the Novotel as it’s just a couple of minutes away.

5: Excellent Food, would definitely recommend the Farrouj Meshwi, with some carrot juice and the crispy fries and soft Lebanese bread goes a long way and makes all the difference. You will leave this place smiling and excited for the day.


Saravanaa Bhavan East HamĀ 

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