Akbar’s Hair Cut

Recent Comments Akbar’s Hair Cut:

1: Top guy, understands what you want. I struggled for what “number” I wanted, and explained my hair was receding. Knowing I wasn’t confident with the “number 1”, he started off with a 2, showed me, then did me a 1 and a half. He cut the hair on top in a way that helps hide the receding hairline. Only asked for 6quid as Well!

2: Waiting times can be very long depending on time of day and the day itself but all in all a good professional haircut for 6 quid.

3: They are so dumb. Can’t even get a decent haircut. F***k up the lines and around the ear. Don’t come to this crap place

4: The best barbers I have ever been to mate I reccomend you go there yh

5: Clean and well maintained but don’t expect a top tier haircut from a no-name barber at the corner