Adelanto Dog Park

Recent Comments Adelanto Dog Park:
  1. Don’t waste your drive to the park. Very small and all dirt and gravel with a 10ft diameter patch of grass in the middle.Trash everywhere inside the park. That was a waste of an 11 mile drive.
  2. The fur kids give this park 4 paws up. Please bring your own water and bags.
  3. Need grass for your puppy? You can find some at Adelanto. My pup loved it.
  4. This park was cute BUT it just does not have enough space for my dog Asia to RUN. My dog is a runner and she needs to have a lot of space to RUN get that energy out. But it’s a really cute dog park. I would love to see the big dog 🐶 side be a little longer for big dogs to RUN and FETCH BALLS.
  5. Came here at 12:30 and the dog park was closed and locked!!